This is certain – in 2018 you will speak Polish with a Google assistant. After several years of waiting, the purchase of smartphones such as Google Pixel 2 XL will make more sense. When will the Google assistant go to Poland?

Considering the fact that more and more manufacturers are opting for interaction with a smartphone using a voice assistant, Polish users may have felt disappointed. Not only that for the same smartphones they paid the same (or more), they were given only "neutered" versions that could not do what in the English-speaking countries (and not only) was everyday. Until today. This is the message I found on Twitter. I can not say anything else except: at last. I just hope that the promise will not end, because all producers will be more and more focused on voice interaction in their smartphones. We can therefore calmly assume that the purchase of Google Pixel 2 XL in Poland for a lot of money ( now for PLN 4399 ) will eventually be more sensible. Next to a great camera, pure Android and top performance, we'll be able to use voice commands. In the above Tweety there is a photo showing the map of countries that will include the service. It is clearly visible that Poland is also among them. We had to wait long for that. When exactly will the Google assistant learn Polish? This is not known until the end, but even such a large approximation as giving me personally enough. Ok, Google. It is now time for competition. Bixby, Siri, Alexa – we look at you and wait until you start to know what Google is up to. It's high time, because loudspeakers with voice assistants will become more and more popular. It will be worth buying Google Home? Source: Twitter