Qualcomm has been doing quite well lately. The loss of one of the main clients, however, did not prevent Americans from developing the fastest LTE modem in the world. Get to know the Snapdragon X24 system.

Qualcomm has recently lost Apple to Intel – direct competition from Americans will provide the Cupertino company with modems that will be found in the latest iPhones. This small defeat did not prevent Qualcomm from creating the Snapdragon X24 : currently the fastest LTE modem for smartphones, which is able to exceed 2 Gb / s when downloading data . If you do not look at it, the X24 modem outclasses this system, which you will find in Snapdragon 845. The whole situation is a bit funny, because Snapdragon 845 has not yet appeared on the market, and its creator has already developed better technological solutions. YouTube Preview Image The Snapdragon X20 modem, which will appear, among others, in the Samsung Galaxy S9, can reach speeds of up to 1.2 Gb / s – of course, as long as the infrastructure allows. Modems that will be found in new iPhones, which are created by Intel, will operate based on speed at the level of 1.6 Gb / s. This is a slightly better result. Snapdragon X24, however, beats both of the aforementioned chips and provides transmission at the level of 2 Gb / s. In Poland, for now, we can rather forget about the actual achievement of such parameters when using a smartphone, but in two … three years, who knows? The new Qualcomm modem will probably go to the Snapdragon 855 processor and the Samsung Galaxy S10 (or simply the next generation device). The whole structure uses a 7-nanometer process for operation, so we can also assume that the next processor of Americans will be created exactly in this lithography. https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/783632/qualcomm-snapdragon-845/ What do you think about this new LTE modem? I like the design mainly because it will consume even less energy – all this will translate into a longer working time of the smartphone on one battery charge. The premiere of Snapdragon 855 probably only at the end or the beginning of next year. For now, there is nothing to bother him.