In September Apple will update its equipment for iOS 12 software and thus can introduce a change that will affect the way you use your smartphones. If the reports appearing on the web are true, then the iOS system is facing a small revolution.

Apple has recently been heavily criticized in the context of iOS 11 development , security and several other, smaller problems related to the optimization of the entire system. The company from Cupertino is known for its conservative approach to the theme of the software and over the years rather nothing has changed in this matter. It turns out, however, that from iOS 12 we can expect a small revolution and at the same time a very interesting change. At first glance, by browsing all the rumors I think Microsoft's efforts from years ago come to mind , to create a single platform between the system for smartphones and the one that is available for personal computers. Apple would like it similarly. Along with iOS 12, users who use MacBooks or iMacs with macOS software version 10.14, they could start running applications as part of one , a simple platform – something like the Play Store on Chromebooks. It is true that all this information is not fully confirmed, however, Craig Federighi, the head of software development at Apple confirmed that next month we will find out which direction the company with the apple in the logo is going to take. As early as June this year, the annual WWDC conference will also take place and it will probably abound in a lot of details related to the software of the American manufacturer. Remember that in the case of applications that will work on smartphones, tablets and computers of the Cupertino company, everything really depends on the programmers and their will . What Microsoft once buried Microsoft and the plans of this company is the unwillingness of large brands and development studies to create dedicated solutions. In Apple's case, it will not be like that, but who knows? This question can not be unambiguously answered right now. In summary, the changes in iOS 12 promise to be interesting , but let's wait for them to become "alive". Until then, we can only pick in various guesses and gossip. Source: Bloomberg