An interesting report has entered the network, according to which the Taiwanese would develop a completely new line of smartphones for players. Looking at the case of Razer, however, it is worth asking … is it really necessary for us?

An interesting report appeared on the Internet, according to which ASUS is currently working on the creation of its first mobile device that can be categorized in the context of a "smartphone for gamers" . It seems that last year Razer Phone officially began a new fashion, which will probably continue with the next month. In addition to ASUSA, there are also rumors about Xiaomi, which also would like to be able to boast of this type of equipment. The new ASUSA device would enter into the ROG (Republic of Gamers) line , which contains notebooks, computers, headphones and other accessories strictly for players. There is also information that this smartphone will be released as part of the ZenFone line with the mentioned note ROG. Taiwanese manufacturer annually shows the flagship in several variants and probably will not be different this time. I wonder if ASUS will actually advertise this device as "something special" on the market. Telephones for players is a niche that has been developed for almost 15 years without any success . Sam had for some time Nokia N-Gage, which in addition to the possibility of comfortable play, in terms of the phone itself and its service was a tasteless joke. The aforementioned Razer Phone showed, however, that a successful smartphone could be made for the player, and although the company did not inform about the sales results, other manufacturers have already paid attention to this trend. So you can safely assume that ASUSA smartphone for players will be nothing more than just a "curled" ZenFone series – at the beginning I would not count on more . Considering how ASUSA smartphones are sold, it will be hard to talk about the great sales success of this device. On the other hand, the mobile game has become so advanced that I will not be surprised if someone is actually looking for a dedicated smartphone for it. However, this is completely not my story. Source: PhoneRadar