Android P will debut at the end of this year and will include a redesigned look. If that was not enough, the system will adapt to smartphones with a notch in the screen.

In less than three months there will be an I / O conference, where one should expect a harbinger of changes that are approaching Android P – Oreo's successors. Android P will surely bring close integration with Google Assistant. Developers will be able to deploy the assistant to work with applications or to find information faster on the smartphone's home screen. However, the most interesting change that has just become loud is the native support for displays with … a notch at the top of the screen . This means that Google will add optimizations in the future software so that the system adapts to such smartphones. It is also said that Android P will also receive a "significant redesign". What exactly lies under this statement – not yet known. It can be said that this kind of change is a flick in the nose for all antiphans of the notch in the smartphone screen. Google has been "forced" to adapt Android to this point. And to think that the biggest impact on it probably had an iPhone X. Previously, we already had smartphones (such as Essential Phone) with a similar solution, although they were not so widespread. The upcoming smartphone series Huawei P20, Asus ZenFone 5 or upcoming Motorola is just the tip of the iceberg of this year's devices with a notch in the screen and Android on board. Source: Bloomberg