In the Android world you will find a lot of applications that allow you to play multimedia. Nothing can compare with MX Player and VLC. The last of these programs has a new version, which brings in a lot of useful news.

I use two applications to play media on my smartphone: VLC and MX Player. Depending on what exactly I want to do and what plan I have for entertainment, then I choose between these two programs. However, VLC has been updated to version 3.0 and I already know that it will be the best application for using video on a smartphone. In addition to optimizations related to speed and stability of operation, VLC 3.0 also brings useful functions for people who like to stream multimedia content directly from a mobile device. The VLC 3.0 update brings to the application support for 10 bit HDR video , hardware decoding in 4K resolution, and even (!) 8K or even Blu-Ray Java support. This is not the end, however, the most important new VLC is the ability to stream video directly to Chromecast . This equipment from Google is getting more and more popular in our country, mainly due to the simplicity of its use. You probably have a TV or a monitor with this accessory in your home. Chromecast allows you to free yourself from cables and put on wireless data transfer. VLC version 3.0 allows you to easily play all content from your smartphone straight on Chromecast. Eventually! This is not the end of new functionalities. Since version 3.0, VLC also works on Chromebooks, Android Auto or Samsung DeX stand – probably the version that will appear with the Samsung Galaxy S9 will also be supported. The authors of the application also announced that their program is better to deal with files saved on the SD card – whatever that means. As you can see, there are a lot of new features in the mobile VLC. The program in version 3.0 also debuted on Windows – you can use it also on a personal computer. VLC download from here . In my opinion, the Video Lan app is now second to none . I wonder what the response of other programmers dealing with the development of competitive solutions will be.