You know that Microsoft planned to release a smartwatch, whose name was Xbox Watch? Some time ago his photos appeared, although the latest ones show the watch while it is in operation.

Xbox Watch is an intelligent watch for players that was supposed to hit the consumer market. However, it never happened . The project was canceled before its premiere. I'm not surprised at all. przrzucony-projekt-microsoftu/ The first Xbox Watch images have appeared some time ago and you can see them in the above entry. However, Microsoft's unread smartwatch got loud again. All thanks to a new portion of photos that appeared on the web. Speech of a prototype version with the screen turned on. We can see that the device should have a heart rate sensor , GPS or training application. We also have photos of the Xbox Watch, and you will see everything below. Microsoft had to work on it a few years ago. The screen itself was of low resolution and had a 1.5-inch diagonal. Interestingly, the strips themselves were to be interchangeable. Why did not Xbox Watch hit the market? Well, looking at the pictures it would be rather difficult to foretell this device for success. Microsoft decided to beat the smartwatch before the premiere. It is worth mentioning that it was a project that laid the groundwork for the Microsoft Band – this, unfortunately, was also withdrawn from the sale a few months ago. The giant from Redmond thus gave up the fight in the wearables segment for good. Source: @Hikari Calyxa