If you've ever provided your credit card details on the OnePlus website, then … beware. The company admitted that a very serious incident occurred in recent days. A lot of users were injured.

A few days ago I wrote to you about the fact that some people who bought OnePlus smartphones directly from the official website of the manufacturer, began to notice unauthorized transactions on their account using their own credit card . The whole gained momentum when it turned out that this case does not concern a few people, and a much wider group of Chinese manufacturer's customers. As you can see, the official investigation of OnePlus has ended and we finally got to know its results. In addition to the apology, unfortunately, but it is not good. It turns out that hackers could steal from money or personal data more than 40,000 people … https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/798030/oneplus-kradziez-karty-kredytowe/ Of course, according to OnePlus, the problem concerns only "a small some users " and if we actually look at it in the context of the global sale of smartphones from this manufacturer, then OnePlus is right. The company has sent out a special e-mail message to all injured people in the last hours. However, I do not have insight to him, so unfortunately I will not tell you what was inside and if the Chinese are preparing some reparation, give away rebates … anything. OnePlus also provided more details about the attack itself. It turns out that a malicious script appeared on the official website that on-the-fly intercepted data directly from the user's browser . The company was also supposed to carry out activities that resulted in the immobilisation of the faulty server and improved security of the entire infrastructure on the site. Only a few dozen hours after the attack, OnePlus also turned off the option of paying in your store with a credit card. The situation seems to be up to this point and it is not really clear when everything will return to normal. The Chinese brand also stated that the community helps in solving the problem , and the manufacturer himself does not know how to thank all those who contributed to the elimination of the threat – the head of the company admits that the word "sorry" is definitely not enough. And he is right. Unfortunately, looking at this matter, you can learn a solid lesson about shopping online . On the other hand, it is difficult to defend ourselves against operations that are carried out in the background without our knowledge. Always be careful, however , where you give your data and how you spend money. Let no reader of gsmManiaKa have such an assault that has affected the customers of OnePlus. Source: OnePlus