A senior phone does not have to be a simple device with an SOS button. In this guide, I try to explain why a smartphone for a senior is a good idea and how to choose a phone for an older person, so as not to regret the purchase.

Communication with loved ones is very important – everyone knows who is looking at gsmManiaKa. Meanwhile, when searching for a phone for my grandma or grandfather, we usually get to ugly bricks with a big SOS button, advertised as the best phones for the elderly. Is it really so? In my opinion, absolutely not!

For seniors: smartphone or phone?

As part of the preparation of this text, I consulted many older people. Some of them have simple telephones, other smartphones – and not those from the lowest shelf. What did the seniors know about me make such a choice? Let's start with typical senior phones, which can be found in every supermarket with electronics. It's a good choice for people who appreciate the ease of use and long battery life . However, if we are talking about ease of use, in my opinion the keyboard is not a better choice at all! The keys and two buttons of the handset are something that is associated with a landline phone, but if you convince a senior to touch screen, it guarantees that it will be much more intuitive for him to use. telefon czy smartfon In this way, we have moved smoothly to smartphones, which for me are definitely a more reasonable choice. I know what I am saying because I spent a lot of time urging my grandparents to change from phone to keyboard. Effect? Now they do not even want to hear about coming back. What are the arguments? Much better call quality, clearer screen, louder ringer, simplicity of use and the ability to take and view photos much more conveniently than on a compact camera . I emphasize their words, not mine. Is a smartphone for the elderly a better choice than a simple phone with large buttons? In my opinion, definitely yes – although of course it is associated with a much larger expense and the need to devote some time to teach new users the basics of service. Still, it's definitely worth it.

What smartphone for a senior?

In this section I have gathered three smartphones from various market segments . First of all, a smartphone with a reinforced housing . Grandparents and grandmothers are known for their love of working in gardens, so that the phone can be exposed to water and dust, not to mention falls. It is worth predicting and providing them with something more resilient. My suggestion is Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 . It combines durability, good call quality and a powerful battery, and it does not cost money. Price? PLN 850 is in my opinion a fair offer for the set of parameters offered. Another smartphone is a model with a large battery – Lenovo K6 Power . Until recently it was my private smartphone and I have to admit that if it was not for a bad camera, I would not see any reason to exchange it for another model. Currently costs only PLN 600 and in my opinion is the best choice for this price. Its hallmark is a large 4000 mAh battery, which translates into two to three days of work away from the socket on a 5-inch screen. If the senior does not intend to use the Internet, he can stand it for more than a week.

Lenovo K6 Power/ fot. Lenovo

Lenovo K6 Power/ fot. Lenovo

The last offer is a higher-end smartphone. As you can read in our review, Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) offers flagship workmanship, water resistance and a good camera. It's a great choice for those who want to use a smartphone as a substitute for a compact camera in addition to basic activities. He managed to stand far from the market premiere and now you will buy him for PLN 1,300 . For the price, in my opinion, it is one of the most interesting choices – not just for the senior.

A simple phone for a senior

If, despite my assurances, you are not convinced that the elderly person can handle the touch screen, there is nothing to fight with the windmills. In this situation, it is worth to bet on proven solutions. My first suggestion is Nokia 216 , which currently costs only PLN 160 . It offers a relatively large screen with a diagonal of 2.4 inches, the ability to use two SIM cards and a large battery with a capacity of 1020 mAh, which will ensure a very good working time away from the socket.

myPhone Hammer 3

myPhone Hammer 3

There was a large battery, it was time to resist the phone. myPhone Hammer 3 is a universal device for anyone who has a tendency to drop the phone. The simple handset of the Polish company has a flashlight, a large 2.4-inch diagonal screen and, of course, it is resistant to shocks, falls, dust and water. The perfect gift for an active senior. The price in this case is 190 zlotys and in my opinion it is a very reasonable amount for such a well secured phone.

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