Samsung will have to stop selling products that use the technology found in Chinese Huawei patents.

In 2016, Huawei sued Samsung in China and in the United States for violating several patents related to wireless communication over the 4G network. The Chinese court today gave its verdict to the detriment of the Koreans . Samsung is to withdraw from the sale of products that use technology protected in patents. He also has to pay a small fee for the case. The court found that Samsung deliberately delayed the negotiations because he was aware of the violation of Huawei's patents. This result is not the end of the court battle between Huawei and Samsung. Initially, the Chinese demanded a cross-licensing agreement , under which grants could collect both companies from the use of a given technology. It was to be compensation for financial damages. Samsung clearly stated that it was interested in such a solution, for which Huawei sued the Koreans in two more Chinese cities. Let me just remind you that in the previous year, the Chinese court ordered Samsung to pay Huawei the sum of 80 million yuan, which is equivalent to USD 11.6 million for the lost case . As you can see, Koreans always prefer to act on their own and bear costs than to infringe on competing patents. Source: XinhuaNet