Recently, once again I changed my smartphone and installed the same applications – almost all of them have been tested for years. Without these few programs and add-ons, I can not imagine using a smartphone every day. What are the apps? See for yourself.

About two weeks ago I changed my smartphone once again – the configuration process is basically already so controlled that after installing the application I only put backups of widgets and other files and voila settings, ready. I am also not a person who installs hundreds of programs to later forget about them. In principle, my smartphone is limited to a maximum of three desktops, one of which is occupied by two widgets, practically without additional icons. So I can confidently say that I have a fairly minimalistic approach to my device , but you know how many users, so many ways for everyday work and entertainment with the phone. I thought that I would create this type of entry for people who may be starting their adventure with Android or simply looking for inspiration for how to refresh their smartphone. For some there will be nothing interesting here, and probably others will go shopping to the Play Store. Below you will find a list of my applications with a link to the Google store and a short description. So far, my main home screen on my smartphone looks like this:



Applications that absolutely have to be on my smartphone are:

Nova Launcher Prime – I do not know a better launcher that allows such a huge configuration and customization. The program often goes on sales, so it's easier to buy it cheaper, and believe me, it's worth it. Just take a few minutes to get new gestures and shortcuts to applications or functions. The settings are from the thunder. Every day I also use the icon set Dives and the extension Sesame Shortcuts , which speeds up the activities performed on the smartphone and directly in the applications. Skycash – thanks to this app, I do not remember when I last bought a public transport ticket at a kiosk or vending machine. You can also buy a train or cinema ticket here. The program is useful if you travel a lot and do not want to look for a ticket point. Everything at hand. Strava – an alternative to Endomondo. In my opinion, it's prettier and more functional. I also noticed that the results of route measurement via GPS from Strava are closer to the real ones. Simplenote – an alternative to Google Keep. A banal notebook that synchronizes by connecting to the network. You can use it for free on your phone, tablet and computer. Both in the "program" version and in the browser. mBank – my companion of everyday shopping. Integration with Android Pay in one application is excellent. Google News and Weather – equally simple program, but pleasant to use. I got used to it so much that it completely sufficed me as a source of news from the world and the country. Chronus – the best weather widget in the Play Store, I say without a shadow of a doubt. For several years I have been using the Pro version, which adds a lot of options and additional widgets. In the screenshot of my home screen, you can see a small copy of the weather from your Pixel smartphones. In addition, Chronus has many weather providers to choose from, including my favorite and reliable Norwegian Relay Pro – it was not, there is no and there will be no better customer for Reddit. The application is also available in the free version with advertisements. Telegram – no WhatsApp, Messenger or Signal. Only Telegram. The best communicator I use every day with friends and family. Fast and reliable. That's it. Madbarz – I often practice at home, so this type of application could not be missed. Madbrz has a lot of options, a clean interface and, above all, it works on the body! 😉 Vscocam – I am a fan of analog shots, and Vsco allows me to feel their substitute. Even when I flick my smartphone. I can not imagine editing photos in another application. My wallet also cries when I spend PLN 1 again on filter packs. Snapseed – I use this application from the very beginning. Recently, she underwent a facelift, which I do not really like, but I can not refuse Snapseed opportunities. Cropping, editing, correcting colors, improving shapes. It's a real mobile combine. I recommend if you take a lot of photos and care about their quality.

And … already

And that would be … enough . As you can see, the list is not long, but I hope that I managed to surprise somebody at least. However , I am more interested in what you use every day? What applications mean that you can not imagine your smartphone without them and feel "out of hand"? Let me know, maybe I'll install one of them.