The LG G7 specification hit the network. We also know the possible appearance of the device, release date and new name. Is the new flagship LG to Icon?

LG's smartphones are causing a lot of emotions recently, but not necessarily positive ones. First we learned that the new LG flagship will not be called G7. Later on, however, maybe it will be G7, on the way there was a not so successful average – LG Aristo 2. LG on the way registered new brands, which you will find a few sentences at the end. But let's start with the components of the LG smartphone with an unknown name.

Specification of top LG

If Snapdragon 835 hit the flagship LG, even the most-favored fans of the brand would say: enough. The fact that Samsung "stole" the entire batch of the new processor is not a special justification here – such market rights, and yet not only Qualcomm does processors. Although the use of the MediaTeka unit could have even worse effects. Fortunately, the new leaks speak of a delay until March and the use of Snapdragon 845. It will be paired with 6 GB of RAM. There will also be dust and water resistance (IP68). Time to write something about the appearance.

An appearance that we already know

There is nothing spectacular on the renderer that has hit the network. Ot, another frameless. Beautiful, but nothing distinctive. Only really very thin frames surrounding the screen deserve attention. There are basically no lateral sides, and the upper and lower ones are minimized, which the sensors require.

Fot. TigerMobiles

Fot. TigerMobiles

On the front, of course, we will not find a fingerprint reader, but in the flagship LG I did not expect it there. So far, however, we do not know if it will be mounted on the jaws, or maybe the Koreans will give it up to face recognition.

LG G7 to LG Icon?

Previous information was new, but quite predictable. Top components or a frameless look is simply expected after the flagship of 2018. Earlier, we also heard rumors about naming change. And now we have another trail. LG has registered a new brand. Two names came to registration: Icon and Iconic. According to the source, the first one is to concern the smartphones segment, and the second smartwatch. It seems to me, however, that two months is not enough time to introduce new nomenclature – one should rather move with mass production. In my opinion, the new LG flagship, which we will see in mid-March 2018, will be called LG G7 . And he will be the last representative of this series – this will happen if the predecessors' sales are bad. However, if it succeeds, I do not think LG wants to give up recognition. Source: phonearena , TigerMobiles