New voices related to face recognition on Android smartphones are coming to us. It turns out that at least in the first half of this year, hardly anyone will try to copy technology similar to Face ID. And very well.

Apple on the iPhone X introduced quite radical and controversial changes that are related to the safety of users and the biometric security of the smartphone itself. There is no room for fingerprints, there is room for face recognition. By the way, quite advanced, because you can not say that Face ID is a simple technology . Immediately after the premiere of the jubilee iPhone, Android device manufacturers obviously rushed only to copy the mentioned solution or at least make the clients feel less than they are looking at the fact that they do not have this type of function in their smartphones. The whole situation is fun and only shows once again how strong the position of Tim Cook and the company in the world of mobile devices is. The latest report, however, reveals that at least this year we will not see a large number of attempts to copy Face ID to Android devices. Why? The answer is simple. Everything, of course, crashes about money . It turns out that the cost of producing special sensors and 3D technologies is so large that the implementation of solutions similar to Face ID in most cases is simply unprofitable. Of course, Qualcomm works with Himax Technologies and Truly Opto-Electronics to create an alternative to Face ID, but it is not known yet how long this process will take and when the whole will start to work in a proper way. Xiaomi and Oppo were to be interested in this type of sensors , but how much truth in it? I can not quite say. Analysts also point out that now most manufacturers of Android smartphones are interested in the implementation of functions based on artificial intelligence rather than preparing for a radical change in biometric security. And that's the truth. More and more often we hear about new chips or systems (even Huua's), which are to be strictly responsible for AI. This trend will actually grow from month to month and until the end can not be seen. Is mapping, scanning and recognizing our face just so that we do not have to put a finger on the 0.5 second to unlock the phone is so important? For me, no . Next, I approach this technology in the most skeptical way. Source: DigiTimes