Second day. Second explosion. This time in a completely different place, but again, everything else was the battery in the iPhone. Case?

Yesterday I mentioned that Apple does not have an easy life in recent times. A burning battery in one of the iPhones lightly burned an employee of the Apple Store and caused the evacuation of the premises. We have another day and for the second time in a row similar information appears. The latest incident involving the exploding battery in the iPhone happened in Spanish Valencia. In this case, we have clear information that the battery exploded during the exchange. However, we do not have other details provided on this subject. Therefore, it is not known which model has exploded. The only certain thing is that the windows were opened to quickly get rid of the smoke. A guard appeared on the site, although she did not have to intervene. Most likely, nothing happened because there are no reports of injured individuals. I think that two cases in different places in Europe are not necessarily a harbinger of problems with batteries in iPhones. Introduced battery exchange program in some models at a price of 29 dollars probably encourages people to take advantage of the offer. Perhaps employees are trying to quickly carry out the entire process, which ends unfortunate. Let's hope I will not have to describe more similar events. However, a premonition tells me that it may still be different. Source: Las Provincias