Huawei was to enter the US smartphone market, associating with AT & T and Verizon. However, the operators refused to cooperate with the Chinese. Reason? Political pressure from the Senate Intelligence Committee, which accuses Huawei of "ties to the Communist Party and intelligence" of China.

Huawei is the third largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, which sells more and more devices each year. Only the good position on the American market is lacking to the full happiness. To achieve this, Huawei had to get along with local operators who share and rule in the United States. When it seemed that the Chinese would establish cooperation with AT & T and Verizon, … politics stood in their way. It turns out that AT & T broke the deal with Huawei through political pressure. The Senate Intelligence Commission wrote a letter to the Federal Communications Commission, which accuses Huawei of links to Chinese intelligence , which may be a threat to US security. Probably also Verizon will be forced to resign from cooperation with the Chinese giant. Reports of breaking talks with American operators seem to confirm Huawei. The official announcement is that Huawei Mate 10 Pro will not be sold by local telecoms, despite earlier information on this subject. In fact, it is not known what the truth is in the information about Huawei's close cooperation with Chinese intelligence. Nevertheless, some countries, such as Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom, look unfavorably at any form of cooperation with this company. Doubts arise, among others from the fact that the founder of the brand is associated with the communist party and the Chinese army. Source: Wall Street Journal , Android Police via Business Insider