Several hours ago you heard about another change that is related to the Android Pay application. Earlier Google has changed the Hangouts messenger. What will happen next? This situation is beginning to be really strange to me.

Let me put it straight: I am starting to make fun of what Google does with its ideas and applications . It seems that not only me, because in relevant threads on Reddit users from all over the world are also joking about the future of Google and the programs and services of the American company. What is it about? It's easy. In recent years, the company from Mountain View has begun to experiment and combine or distribute programs and services that have been available on the market for a short or long time. My favorite example will be one based on recent changes … Google Wallet was a combination of Android Pay and electronic " portfolio ". Google decided to split Google Wallet and Android Pay into two different applications, but after all, if a few hours ago the company merged the services again and we have … Google Pay . One example is not enough? I have a second, my favorite. The Hangouts Messenger functioned smoothly and served for communication between friends, families and employees in smaller companies. N Google made three applications from it: News, Allo and Duo . I hope that in the future we will see a combination of News, Allo and Duo into one application that will be named in a completely new way. You do not think it's all … absurd? Because I definitely do. I am also interested in what the American company will announce in May during the annual I / O conference intended mainly for programmers. Usually at this event, we learn about major changes related to Android and usually get to know the new products that await us in the next version. I have to admit that for 2 or 3 years I look at it all more and more skeptically knowing … that Google is changing it anyway, more than once, at least three. I do not really know what it all comes from and I do not know the remedy that could help here. Personally, I would like the Americans to settle once and well and create applications and services with one name or at least a stem that will precede them. Android Pay, Android Auto, Android Treble, Android … and so on and so on . You can really get lost in all this, and above all, such frequent changes are terribly frustrating. Do not take my text as a hint on Google, because it is not. I appreciate the possibilities of a California company, but I think that a really solid bucket of cold water on the head would be really good for the owners. Really.