Sony at CES 2018 showed three models of sports headphones for fans of noise reduction. All are wireless and can compete with Apple AirPods.

What in my opinion should be good sports headphones? Waterproof, comfortable and ensuring cut-off from the environment. These are the new models of wireless headphones that Sony brought to CES 2018. When training in the gym, it happens that the cables will get caught in the least expected moment. The easiest way to avoid this problem is to buy wireless headphones. They are usually more expensive, but much more convenient to use.

Top WF-SP700N

We will start with the most expensive model, which in its assumption is to compete with Apple headphones. You do not have to worry about accidental splashes or running in the rain. Resistance to such hazards is confirmed by the IPX4 standard. You can not also forget about noise reduction, which will allow you to focus on training.

Fot. Sony

Fot. Sony

The headphones are supplied in a set with a case that also acts as a charger . Thanks to it, you can recharge your headphones twice, the battery lasts 3 hours away from the case. This is a good result, but with the obligation I have to add that Apple in this respect has the advantage – AirPods can withstand more than 4 hours and can be charged 4 times.

Cheaper, but worse?

This is the most interesting premiere of Sony headphones, but not the only one. Two other models will also be available for sale, which are slightly lower positioned. The WI-SP600N and WI-SP500 models also have no cables but are connected with a roll-bar. Maybe they do not have such an impressive appearance, but in larger housings we managed to fit more capacious batteries .

Fot. Sony

Fot. Sony

Both models are waterproof and a fully charged battery lasts for 6 to 8 hours of music playback. So just enough to run a marathon, together with the warm-up before and after.

Price and availability

Until then, we know nothing about official prices, but we know when they reach stores. Top and fully wireless WF-SP700N you can buy in May, the cheapest WI-SP500 will hit the shelves at the earliest, because in April, and the intermediate WI-SP600N willing to come to wait until June. Is it worth it? Competition from Apple and Samsung costs about 700 zlotys, so with a better valuation of the handset Sony have a good chance of success.