Interesting statistics related to Taiwanese finances went online. It turns out that it has not been so bad for a long time – more specifically … for 13 years. The hole, which the manufacturer came up with, seems to have no bottom.

HTC's total revenue in 2017 was around $ 2.1 billion. The numbers you saw were the worst year for the Taiwanese … 13 years. For comparison: revenue for December 2017 was almost 40 percent worse than revenue for the same month a year earlier. The company has earned 20% less money in the last 12 months than in the whole 2016. These numbers are great, especially if we take into account the fact that HTC got a large cash injection directly from Google. In 2017, HTC also decided on a smaller number of premier than in 2016. Despite the fact that U11 is really a specific flagship with a great camera, it … people just do not want to buy it. Well … HTC has sold its development department as if it was going to be any remedy for problems . On top of that, the Taiwanese earned 1.1 billion, and the transaction between HTC and Google will be completed this year. The next leaks claim that HTC 2018 will be really stingy – and it does not surprise me at all. The company must stop the bleeding, or else … well, you know what will happen, and yet I do not want to write it, because I just value this brand – from the very beginning. What's the fate away from HTC? It seems to me that I have asked this question for the thousandth time. I would like to write something completely different at the end of the Taiwanese text. Source: HTC