The first folding Samsung smartphone is to be the beginning of a new era of forms that will appear in a few months. When exactly? Check.

Even before the end of 2017 there were reports that 2018 will be a breakthrough for Koreans. All thanks to the folded smartphone that would appear on the market. Samsung officially confirmed that it has been working on this type of prototype for a long time. So far, however, we have mostly used ourselves – general gossip. It seems that Samsung will want to close 2018 with a bang. The Korean ET News website claims that Samsung plans to start producing its first folding smartphone in November this year. Actually, we will be able to talk about the phishing device, because the device is to receive a 7.3-inch OLED display. Samsung is to start creating folding OLED displays in March this year. Mass production should be achieved in September, so that in November the smartphone could be put together. If you believe the above rumors, then the next-generation smartphone will debut in December this year. Maybe it will go on sale the same month. If that did not happen then the next date is the early beginning of 2019. The device will have a flexible display, folded inwards. We will be able to open them just like a book. In everyday operation it is supposed to look like a smartphone, and after opening it will look like a tablet. Interestingly, Samsung is planning to show (industry) a new smartphone behind closed doors in September. Price? You better not ask. It will not be a premium shelf … and a super premium. In terms of specification and appearance, it has to be a device completely different from what we know. All this will be reflected at a high price. Source: ET News