The hope is that soon we will be able to connect to public, wireless Internet during Pendolino's journey. But when will this happen?

I will answer you immediately to the question I asked in the above paragraph: it is not yet known. Krzysztof Mamiński, the president of the board of PKP SA, however, announced that the Wi-Fi connection tests at Pendolino were successfully completed and the company is now close to allowing passengers to use the wireless Internet in these trains. It is true that he does not travel often using this rolling stock, but I can really assess my previous experience with Pendolino and the Internet as very miserable . From the PKP message you can also find out that it is very likely that sharing the possibility of using Wi-Fi will involve interference in the construction of the train. Well, we do not have to worry about it. The worst, however, is that the interference in the train deck will involve the end of the guarantee for PKP – it is not entirely clear how to circumvent this situation. To all this, there are problems with cooperation with T-Mobile, and finally we simply lose to us, passengers. Admittedly, PKP did not actually report when Wi-Fi started to operate in Pendolino , but I suspect that it will happen in the first half of this year. Recent announcements said about the second half of last year so … well, something here is actually wrong. At this moment, we just have to arm ourselves with a large dose of patience. Wi-Fi in Pendolino is nearer than reality. Fortunately. Source: PAP / Business Insider