Apple should investigate the impact of smartphones on the development of children. At least that's what the two big shareholders of this company say. Are they right?

The Jan Partners fund and the California State Teachers' Retimerent System point to the problem of iPhone addiction in an open letter to Apple. Both companies claim that the Redmond company should provide refined tools that allow the control of iPhones for children and mobile devices. Representatives make such indications after they have analyzed the results of research carried out by Professor Jean Twenge of San Diego State University. They confirm that smartphones affect negatively the sleep, concentration or emotional health of children. In the open letter, we read that parents are responsible for children and how they use the devices they have received. Apple should pay attention to this aspect and create annual reports on the impact of such products on the development of minors. Similarly as in the case of impact on the natural environment. In addition, a committee of experts in this field should be established. It was also proposed to introduce changes to the iPhone configuration , thanks to which parents could choose the age and determine the time that children could spend on the smartphone during the day. In addition, social-media they can use should be specified. Do you think it is a good idea? Personally, it seems to me that this is the direction in which Apple should definitely pay attention. However, the same control in smartphones is not enough to eliminate the problem, when even parents are often unaware of this type of threat. Source: Thinkdifferentlyaboutkids