A message about battery problems in iPhones appeared on the Polish side of Apple. It turns out that the cost of replacing the cell in slowed models will be slightly lower than the one reported a few days ago.

Apple slows down iPhone with a heavily used battery . It is not the conspiracy theory, but the official position of the manufacturer, who wanted to do this … take care of the user's comfort. A lot has been written on this topic, so let me just remind you that Apple has promised a cheaper battery replacement in those for which the cell has been in heavy use . Initially, we thought that the price was reduced to PLN 149, but ultimately it is slightly lower. An English-language version of the official manufacturer's announcement has appeared on the Apple website. The most important part for us is as follows:

Apple lowers the battery replacement price for iPhones not covered by the guarantee by 240 PLN – from 369 PLN to 129 PLN – for all owners of iPhones 6 and newer models in cases where such a replacement is necessary. The discount applies worldwide until the end of December 2018.

If the service considers that the battery needs to be replaced in the phone, the cost of this service will amount to PLN 129 as part of the promotion. Detailed information is to be provided on the Apple website in the near future. Apple adds that at the beginning of this year will release an update iOS software containing new features, so that the user will be able to learn more about the battery status of his iPhone and see if its condition affects the speed of the device. Source: Apple