Analysts say that the time between Apple's launch of a new product and its delivery to stores has been doubled. Could the giant do worse under Tim Cook than Steve Jobs?

According to analysts from The Wall Street Journal , Apple counts far more delays since Tim CEO's chair took over. In the last six years, the time between the announcement of a new product and its sale has been doubled. Analysts have calculated that it was exactly 23 days old, while in Steve Jobs's time it was 11 days. You do not have to be an efficient analyst to find out that in fact Apple has suffered many delays in recent years. Apple Watch was announced at the end of 2014 and was expected to hit the market at the beginning of 2015. Finally, it appeared only in April and on selected markets. AirPods headsets were to be sold in October 2016, although the first orders appeared only at the end of December. Apple was also late with the delivery of an electronic pencil – Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro. Of course, this is not the end of the list. iPhone X also appeared later. The HomePod loudspeaker from Siri on board was announced in June 2017, and was due for sale in December. So far – it is not known when we can expect it, even though it was about the beginning of 2018. Thus, Apple missed the holiday season and must face growing competition in this segment. Where does this discrepancy in Apple come from when the company is run by Cook, not Jobs? Partial fault lies in the approach to the announcement of new products. Jobs preferred the presentation of the product when it was finished and ready for shipment. Another, partial reason is the increasing complexity of devices (even the iPhone). Components come from many manufacturers, and everything needs to be coordinated with each other at the right time. After Tim Cook took over the chair of Apple president, the company released more than 70 products. Five of them had a delay of three months or more, nine appeared with a maximum of three months delay. In turn, in the times of Steve Jobs, a similar number of products appeared, with only one of them we had to wait for over three months, while seven appeared in one quarter after the announcement. Source: The Wall Street Journal