The orange operator has decided to quite … an interesting promotion, thanks to which you will be able to gain an additional 1 GB of internet. It's enough to do just one thing.

If you happen to eat a Chinese soup, now you will not only fill your stomach, but you will also be able to use a special code to pick up 1 GB of internet – this is a new Orange promotion in short. Yes, there are a few hooks, but they are not bothersome. So how do you take advantage of this opportunity? First of all, the promotion runs from January 4, 2018 to February 28, 2018. You have to buy the Knorr Hot Mug, Nudle Knorr or simply Danie Knorr – you will find them in virtually every supermarket in the city. After eating or before, you must register the receipt on the special page ( here ) and send this code by SMS to 817 . The whole action is of course free. After sending the code, the bonus will be granted within 24 hours and will also be valid for one day. What are the limitations? One important. Each person can take advantage of the promotion up to 60 times – I do not know if anyone is able to eat so many Chinese soups, but I can be wrong. The full Orange promotion regulations from Knorr can be found here . So if you have a receipt from a soup somewhere in a jacket or wallet, now you can use it in a different way than just throw it into the trash. Bon Appetit!