In recent days, there has been a loud about vulnerabilities, called Specter and Meltdown. It turns out that iPhones are also vulnerable to them. Is there anything to fear?

Specter and Meltdown are just two names for a set of vulnerabilities in CPUs that are getting louder and louder. In short, they allow you to read information that should not be available for access. The problem is so serious that it concerns practically the majority of processors on the market. Actually, this vulnerability exists in processors for several years, so these are not new gaps. Unfortunately, they were hidden earlier. The average user, however, should not feel that there is a great danger. Special code must be run on a given device, so unless you download and install applications from suspicious sources, everything should be fine. The problem, however, becomes more and more serious , because the possibility of launching an attack from the level of a web browser has appeared. Apple has issued a statement in which it states that iPhones are also currently vulnerable to the above mentioned threats. In addition, any computer with macOS, iPads and iPhones from iOS can also fall victim to reading information from memory. Apple Watch is free from the problem. The company announced at the same time that the holes were patched from the iOS 11.2 update, macOS 11.13.2 and tvOS 11.2. Apple unfortunately adds that the vulnerability still occurs in Safari. I must say that this is the worst option, because on smartphones or tablets, we always use a web browser and this is where the biggest chance to attack is. The company claims that relevant security updates are already being prepared and will soon reach users. Source: Apple