Huawei's publishing policy in 2018 may be subject to change. The company will focus on the production of cheap smartphones for a less demanding user. What are the risks of the launch of many cheap smartphones?

Recently Michał wrote about the fact that Huawei sold 153 million smartphones in 2017. This is an impressive result that is not surprising in the light of successful flagships and good average players. In 2018, the company intends to financially fall out even better. How is it going to achieve this? Well, not quite as if we wanted to see it. Huawei intends to flood the smartphone market with cheap devices for slightly less demanding. This is the result of the statement of the head of the company, who sees success in the pressure on the low price level. For me, this is an interesting decision, because the competition in this segment is greater than anywhere else. The first idea in the case of cheap smartphones is of course Xiaomi, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the domestic rival, cheap smartphones also produce a lot of smaller companies from China. And with them, Huawei wants to fight for a client. There is one more problem with cheap phones – it's hard to distinguish here . We will not find frameless smartphones, dual cameras or efficient processors here. The choice of units is very limited and is basically a Snapdragon 425, 430 and a rare Snapdragon 450. In addition, there are several more MediaTeka models. In practice, we can expect a rush of smartphones, which differ from each other mainly by the name. The idea of ​​releasing cheap smartphones is not bad in itself. The introduction may be bad, which Samsung has experienced some time ago. I mean the presentation of several models that differ only in details , and none of them is really worth recommending. Similarly, it can happen in the case of Huawei, and the Chinese already have problems with naming cheap devices, an example of which can be Huawei P9 Lite mini. It's a pretty good smartphone, but giving him the name of the flagship team for strength was done a bit by force. Paradoxically, there is a scenario in which the biggest rival for Huawei budgetists will be the average shelf Honora, which has recently valued smartphones well. In this situation, the choice will be simple, and the buyer will decide on a better equipped model. Another problem is the relatively low margin on low-cost equipment – to make them worth designing, they have to sell in large quantities. It looks like Huawei sees it. Source: gizmochina