It is said that Huawei is a black horse on the smartphone market. The producer summarized the passing year. How then did the company handle it in recent months?

Huawei summarized the last 12 months of its operation. Year 2017 is a good time for the company , although not all of the presented indicators are at such levels as the manufacturer would like. Huawei expects that this year's revenues will reach 600 billion yuan (92.08 billion dollars). This means that they will be 15% higher than those of 2016. Although it looks like positive news, we are talking about the slowest growth in twelve months from 2013. The data presented show that the company was to sell 153 million pieces of its smartphones worldwide, which translated into a 10% share of the global market. This result for good cementing the third position of Huawei among the top smartphone manufacturers. Huawei CEO, or Richard Yu, said that 2018 will be an important period in which the company will want to fight new technologies for even better results . Yu added that the most expensive smartphone series Huawei Mate 10 (which appeared in October) sold very well. It foretells a bright future for further Chinese market conquest, who plan to better understand the needs of users choosing top-notch solutions outside China and young people in this country, following trends. Source: Reuters