The approaching end of the year is the perfect moment to summarize the last twelve months and to remember the most important events and the prime minister. What did we live in 2017?

Below you will find our summary of 2017 , developed by the team of gsmManiaKa. If, according to you, any of the important events have escaped our attention, let us know in the comments.

Ups and downs

Prepared by: Konrad Bartnik The year 2017 was full of ups and downs. I will deal with the most extreme cases. The most spectacular disappointment is Essential Phone. Before the premiere, the creators painted it as the best smartphone with Android in history. Reality has bitterly verified their plans. The camera was limping, there were few willing, and the price dropped almost overnight. A great design and a very well-designed housing were fine. Who knows, maybe the Successor will be more successful – if he ever will. Razer Phone stands at the other extreme. This is also the first smartphone of this manufacturer, but definitely more successful than Essential. Efficient components, nice design and good cameras have made it very popular. And not only among players who can replace it with a portable gaming console thanks to a large battery. I would love to see him in Poland – well, maybe I will even wait. Is this the best Android smartphone in 2017? No. Is the nicest surprise? For me, for sure.

A great year Huawei

Prepared by: Mateusz Sowa 2017 year was undoubtedly a great year of Chinese smartphones. The premieres of such handsets as OnePlus 5, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 or Meizu Pro 7, which stood out with the second, colorful screen on the backs did not go unnoticed around the world causing an earthquake in the smartphone market. For years, moreover, Chinese devices are not associated with equipment made at cost of dubious materials – on the contrary. It is the Chinese producers that often impose new trends and technologies that the entire technological world wants to follow. Speaking of producers from China, it is impossible to give back what the royal king – Huawei. The sales leader in its country is increasingly aggressive in the global market. Interestingly, there were even moments when this year the Chinese giant overtook the sale of Apple devices. According to analysts from IDC, Huawei is currently the only company that can threaten the dominance of two leaders – Samsung and Apple. According to reports, in the near future Huawei will push the Cupertino giant to the third position by jumping on the podium just behind the South Korean competitor.

Fot. Huawei

Fot. Huawei

For Huawei this year was very good. In addition to the very good devices from the P10 series, the giant presented the device, which until now evokes a thrill. When the dust after the premiere of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Apple iPhone X fell in a somewhat quieter style, one of the most interesting machines of the year debuted – Huawei Mate 10 Pro with an intelligent processor that learns to learn about us. This is certainly the direction in which other producers will follow the example of Mate 10. In terms of recognition in the market, Huawei knows how to build it – solid devices spiced with a pinch of good marketing look like a smart recipe for success. In addition, the brand's intelligent faces guarantee even more interest – as it is in the case of cooperation with the most popular Polish athlete Robert Lewandowski. In my opinion, nothing can stop Huawei from conquering world markets.

Samsung is still in shape

Prepared by: Aleksander Piskorz If you talk about the biggest wins in 2017 , in my opinion you can not forget about Samsung. Koreans over the last 12 months have shown that they really deserve to be called one of the best mobile producers. You may disagree, but these are the facts. Samsung not only washed away from the Galaxy Note 7, but also surprised us with fantastic smartphones, such as Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus or Galaxy Note 8 – each of these smartphones received a high score in our editorial office. Do not forget that it is the Koreans who currently rule in the component manufacturing segment for other manufacturers. Samsung is doing practically everything: RAM, processors, internal memories or high-performance AMOLED displays. Normally, the machine can not be stopped.

Samsung Galaxy S8 i Samsung Galaxy S8+ / fot.

Samsung Galaxy S8 i Samsung Galaxy S8+ / fot.

What's next year for Samsung? Hard to say. The company may give some market share to Chinese producers who break through, but I do not think that it will be a great morsel. Looking at the pace of development and innovations introduced by the Korean producer on the market, I am almost certain that 2018 will be even better for him.

An important year for Apple

Prepared by: Michał Węgrzyński In the summary of the passing year, 2017 could not be missing Apple. It is this year that 10 years have passed since the launch of the first iPhone – a smartphone that changed the face of our everyday life. Since its launch – all phone manufacturers have been modeled on it. Apple showed that he can still surprise. However, is it sure the resonance of this surprise is positive? The company with the logo of a bitten apple can definitely consider this year very good . The company has maintained sales of its tablets at a time when competition is down. Apple Watch has never sold so well before, and the iPhone is still one of the most sought after products. Let's add sales records in previous quarters, and we'll get the perfect company. The problem is that there is also a great flaw and a lot of small cracks in this image. iphone 8 i X Note the iPhone X. Apple has jumped in the numbers from 7 to 8 and X (10). In some way, the company has led to the cannibalisation of its own products. We have an A11 processor that pierces with all the other possibilities. We have the best display on the market and Face ID – 3D face recognition technology . Apple got rid of the Touch ID and put on a known design with cosmetic changes. The smartphone can be liked (if you do not look at the notch in the display), but it is also the least durable of previous generations. The competition now copies its appearance and introduces face recognition in its smartphones. This proves that Apple still has a huge impact on the entire industry. Apple Watch Series 3 finally gained LTE connectivity, thanks to eSIM technology. Unfortunately, she has not yet made it to Poland, but thanks to this – the watch works without tethering the iPhone. In addition, battery life, fitness functions and more have never been more refined and serviceable. Unfortunately, Apple raised prices this year. Silently tablets have gone up, and iPhone X is the most expensive smartphone in history . In addition, the company juggles capacitive variants of devices so that sometimes the most convenient option is difficult. From all of this emerges the image of a concern that mainly focuses on its own priorities and draws less and less attention to the user.

Fot. iOS Gadget Hacks

Fot. iOS Gadget Hacks

A big flaw in the image of Apple has become slowing down some older iPhones (including one-year-old "seven"). However, it is enough to replace the battery and the performance of the equipment returns to the old tracks. The worst of it is that Apple has not informed anyone about it. The whole thing came out by accident, when users began to check the performance of smartphones before and after replacing the batteries. Add to this the numerous bugs in iOS 11, a lot of patches released , poor design of the system, critical holes in HomeKit or macOS software, and finally – in a beautiful picture, we get a lot of blemishes. Is this a temporary drop in quality in the Apple edition or the beginning of the end of this "ideal" company? We will probably see it in the coming years.

Microsoft ends with mobile Windows

Prepared by: Damian Kucharski. It took a while, but it was inevitable. After many attempts to save its position on the smartphone market, Microsoft decided to give up the development of mobile Windows. Is anyone surprised? Somehow, not really. I wanted to give myself a chance to mobile tiles, but ultimately I did not decide and I do not regret this decision. Do not get me wrong – the platform itself did not bother me at all, and even I was happy that people looking for something other than Android and iOS had a choice. However, Microsoft's chaotic decisions, the lack of interest of the system on the part of programmers and the abandonment of older devices when upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile have made Microsoft's mobile system a living corpse .

Mobilny Windows to system-zombie / fot.

Mobilny Windows to system-zombie / fot.

Now the only hope for loyal Windows fans for smartphones is the mythical Surface Phone. I wonder if the legend will ever become a reality?

Goodbye roaming charges!

Prepared by: Damian Kucharski This year, the European Parliament came to an agreement on the maximum wholesale rates that operators will be able to collect from each other for lending their networks as part of roaming. Thanks to this, earlier fees have been significantly reduced, and we pay practically the same for calls and text messages when roaming , as in our country . We still have to be careful about data transmission, but with this one can live. Using the services of our operators abroad, we should remember that "roaming at home" is supposed to facilitate communication within the European Union, and not be a cheaper alternative to the services of western networks.

Nokia is back in the game

Prepared by: Damian Kucharski The return of Nokia to the smartphone market was announced in 2015, and a year later the Finnish HMD Global took over the rights to this legendary brand. The legend officially returned at the beginning of this year, introducing the Nokia 6 model to the Chinese market, and we've met new products at MWC 2017 in Barcelona, ​​and we have waited for the flagship Nokia 8 until August. The only question is, is it for a long time Nokia?

Nokia 8 / fot. gsmManiaK

Nokia 8 / fot. gsmManiaK

This question is difficult to answer unequivocally, because not everyone associates the former Nokia the same way . For some Nokia mania, it's quality above all, and in this respect HMD Global is doing a medal. Others think that a real smartphone with the brand's logo should work under the control of mobile Windows. We all know that this is a fantasy, because this system has ceased to be developed by Microsoft, as I have already mentioned in this entry. Despite some doubts, it is impossible not to notice that a large part of users believed in the new Nokia. HMD Global has sold over 10 million smartphones this year, which is a really decent result, allowing for an optimistic look into the future. Sam, I hope that next year, the Finns will not only show other interesting models, but they will also keep all the promises made regarding the support for their products.

The most important trends of 2017

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