A company from Mountain View can enjoy because it has gained a really serious boost in its ranks. This is John Bruno, who was responsible at Apple for a really important issue. Could this move betray the future waiting for Google?

Google decided to employ John Bruno in his ranks – a person who in recent years has been responsible at Apple for the development of integrated circuits and specific chips . Thus, it can be assumed that the giant from Mountain View is preparing for further improvements, and perhaps even creating its own processor, so as to become fully independent from other brands like Qualcomm. It is worth mentioning that the latest generation of Pixels already has one, authorial Google chip – it is Pixel Visual Core responsible for the camera and image processing. However, Pixel Visual Core was designed in cooperation with Intel, and the employment of John Bruno clearly states: Google wants to have its own layouts . At the moment, however, it is not known whether the case crashes about the processor itself or whether the American company would like to try other forces: such as artificial intelligence, processing of photos or speech or simply data. Unfortunately, I have not found more details on this subject, but they should appear with time. The above-described chip has shown that the new Pixeli generation makes phenomenal photos and does not need two lenses for this. The device performs much better than the competition also during recording and video processing – see only the power of digital stabilization, in my opinion it is amazing. https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/759660/google-pixel-2-jakosc-zdjec/ Surely the whole issue promises to be interesting and I am looking forward to the first rumors about what Google will surprise us in the future. Probably they will appear next year during the annual I / O conference. Source: The Information