Apple has refused to update the application prepared by one of the fan sites on Apple. As if that was not enough, the reason for such a decision is really controversial.

Last weeks are not a good time for Apple. Of course, as far as the sale of products is concerned, nothing changes, but there is something disturbing about the number of mishaps. We had a lot of bugs, repaired in single, minor updates for iOS. We had a slip-up with resetting iPhones, security on Macs or other situations. There is no point in quoting them all. Besides, the latest decision Apple may well be shocking and showing that something bad is happening on board the group. AppleInsider is one of the biggest fansite websites on the web about everything related to Apple. He has recently prepared a website application update that was to be found in the App Store. She did, because she did not find herself. Reason? At least controversial. Apple has decided to reject the program, because the website has recently written an article about the possible breakage of iOS 11. In short – the news about a possible jailbreak for iOS 11 meant that the company with the logo of a bitten apple did not let the application update to the store. According to the editor-in-chief of AppleInsider – Neil Hughes, the application was treated as a means to help in jailbreaking devices, i.e. violated the App Store regulations. Hugs thinks that it was not a deliberate act, but the usual over-zealousness of one of the moderators. He counts that the situation will be clarified. The problem is, however, that if such an application was not admitted to the store, it was very easy to find fake programs such as MyEtherWallet or Cuphead. What's more, the Cuphead itself cost $ 4.99 and was available for purchase for a few hours. This is quite an odd situation, which Apple recently again falls into a bad slip. Phil Schiller recently stated that Apple had a "bad week". I believe that blunders happen to everyone and this is nothing extraordinary. Apple is no exception here. The problem seems to be that in one period there are many stumbles or mistakes in various areas of the company. And this in turn may wonder and worry. Source: AppleInsider , The Telegraph