If you are Alior Bank's clients, I have good news for you before Christmas. The bank decided to make a small gift and provided a fully functional mobile application for smartphone owners with Android and iOS. See how to activate it.

Alior Bank has been testing its mobile application for some time and made it available to a selected, narrow group of users. It seems, however, that the tests were successful, because the creators admitted that now anyone using an Alior Bank account and a smartphone with Android and iOS can use mobile banking . Best of all, the program can be activated from your smartphone in just a few seconds. YouTube Preview Image After installing the application you will have to enter your own PESEL number and mother's maiden name, which was given when creating an account. Later, the procedure looks standard and similarly as in other banks. The phone will ring the machine, which will read to you the PIN, which should be entered into the application. Later it's easy: just set up a personalized PIN or choose biometrics (in the case of smartphones with iOS) and it's ready. The developers promise that the fingerprint reader will soon be available on Android. What can the Alior Bank application do? A lot. Thanks to it, you will be able to control your account, make payments using BLIK or contactless, as well as make transfers, create deposits and take out loans. Users can also block cards if they are lost. Generally, everything that is offered by other Polish banks is here. You can download the Alior Bank Android app from here , and on the iOS from here . It is worth doing, because it is a big step forward in servicing your account. Unfortunately, according to the press office, the application works only for people with an individual account. Source: Alior / Cashless