Time flies very fast. The creators of the best Android launcher have shown that they have been with us for 6 years. Over the past few years their application has evolved to such an extent that it is really difficult to replace it with anything.

Probably looking after the photo you guessed about who it is: of course, that about Nova Launcher . Over the last years, this program has evolved so much that in my opinion it is far ahead of the solution offered by the competition. Developers of other launchers often neglected users or introduced intrusive ads – not to mention trivial additions, for which you always had to pay. Nova Launcher is constantly growing and it seems that the creators are not going to stop. https://twitter.com/Nova_Launcher/status/940811213994364930 Interestingly, one looks at the community that has gathered around Novy over the years. Over 90% of users love this app so much that they declare they would pay for the Premium version more than once. I also have an improved application that I got on one of many promotions, but some time ago I stopped using it on a daily basis – now I'm more inclined to the default Samsung Experience overlay, but I'm not saying I will not go back to the TeslaCoil studio program. I know that for many of you, Nova is a salvation that allows you to escape from the limitations of MIUI, EMUI and other overlays that do not have a large number of configuration options. Nova Launcher is so good that even on older equipment it works relatively quickly and "does not slow down" while performing the simplest tasks. What I like most, however, is the ability to use thousands of different icons and to fit them under myself. https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/636168/najlepsze-launchery-android-top-10/ I am curious how many gsmManiaKów uses every day from Novy and in what version. Would you replace this launcher with something else? Let me know!