The two largest players on the smartphone market can be the only producers in 2018 who will offer 7 nm processors. And where is the black horse in all this, which usually haunts the Cupertino concern?

Do you already know who we are talking about? No one else, like Apple and Samsung can become the only one of its kind in terms of processor production in the next year. Everything points to the fact that only these two manufacturers will offer systems created in a 7-nanometer process. Qualcomm, which recently introduced Snapdragon 845 will remain at the 10-nanometer process, MediaTek will still use 12/16 nm for its series of P systems. This is because processors made at 7 nm with respect to 10 nm offer really little change. Mainly it is less energy demand and slightly better performance and miniaturization. "Less rich" producers prefer to wait for the development of the situation and eventually adapt to changes in the future. However, they do not see the point in wasting money on implementing 7 nm systems before others. Everything indicates that in 2018 only Apple smartphones will receive A12 chips produced by the Taiwanese company TSMC in a 7 nm process. The company actively co-finances the development of research and production halls to meet the requirements in this area. Samsung can also go after the blow and focus on the new solution, because it has the resources to do so. Where is Huawei in all of this? It turns out that the company would not be able to afford 7 nm processors due to production costs that would exceed the final profits from their implementation. Source: DigiTimes