Are you planning to buy a used phone from the commission or Allegro? Be sure to check what you need to pay attention by choosing a second-hand smartphone so that you do not regret it later.

The development of technologies in smartphones has recently slowed considerably. Although producers try to prove at all costs that it is different, buying a device from a year or two ago becomes an increasingly sensible solution. Here are some things you need to pay attention to before you decide to buy any used smartphone.

Check the age of the phone, system and component timeliness

What you should consider first and foremost is whether a particular model pays to buy at all . It's best to compare the parameters and properties of the used model with a new one that you can get at the same price. Sometimes it may be a better option to choose a new handset (this applies especially to cheap smartphones up to PLN 500). When buying a smartphone at the moment, the minimum is to take into account 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage . In the case of processors, it is not worth bothering with devices driven by systems older than Snapdragon 410 or MediaTek MT6737. When it comes to Android models, it is worth checking on what version of the system the device works and when its support has been terminated or stopped . Here flagpoles dominate, which are usually the longest updated (up to two years after the premiere). It is definitely not worth buying equipment whose last version of the software is two or three generations older than the latest one. At the moment this border will be Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Read reviews on forums and in comments

It's best to learn from the mistakes of others, which is why user reviews should be one of the key criteria when choosing a used smartphone. Of course, one can not be discouraged by one or two negative evaluations, but their large number should give food for thought , especially if they relate to one or more features. With comments and opinions, you can also learn a lot about the failure of the equipment we are interested in. Believe that if a smartphone has a serious factory defect , it will not be difficult to get to the information about it. Usually frustrated users do not leave a dry thread on the device, actively participating in forums and under the articles, just to unload their anger.

Investigate the condition of components and housing

Here the key is how we intend to buy our equipment. If it's an auction on Allegro or OLX, do not even think about buying a used smartphone, without having to view a large gallery of detailed photos . Clever traders often try to sell heavily scratched and battered phones, displaying them with two or three shuffled or low-key photographs, in the description they write: "state needle", or "carries normal traces of use".

Zarysowana obudowa w Elephone S8 / fot.

Zarysowana obudowa w Elephone S8 / fot.

If there are not enough photos in the auction to assess the real status of your smartphone, ask for a private message. A seller who has nothing to hide, should easily share the frames with close-ups on the edges, shots against the light and photos depicting a phone with a lit screen . Attention should also be drawn to any signs of housing disassembly, i.e. unnaturally large gaps and dents formed from undermining the rear flap. When shopping in a commission or on the stock exchange, the matter is much simpler. You can easily assess the state of wear of your smartphone and make the right decision. Then it is worth asking the seller to launch the browser, camera and demonstrate the operation of both speakers. Also check if all buttons work.

Avoid suspiciously cheap copies

If you do not buy after knowing, think twice before deciding on a smartphone at a very bargain price, even if everything seems to be OK at first glance. It may turn out that the equipment has a specific defect that can only be traced when performing certain activities , or has been imported from abroad and is not adapted to work in European networks. It may also be a copy after flooding, a serious accident or stolen, that's why …

Analyze origin, documents and accessories

To make sure that your smartphone is not stolen, it is mandatory to check if the kit contains a proof of purchase, and IMEI number is affixed to the box in accordance with the one on the phone cover or under its battery. IMEI will also be displayed after entering the code * # 06 # and confirming it with the green receiver on the numeric keypad. This code can also be checked on special pages that inform about the past of a given copy. Suspicion should also arise from the lack of original accessories and any warranty documents (in the absence of a receipt / invoice).

fot. cunaplus,

fot. cunaplus,

It's worth reminding that if we buy a stolen phone, we can be prosecuted in addition to supporting the thieves. It is enough for the original owner to report the matter to the police, and almost certain that sooner or later we will be targeted by the services or caught on another occasion. In the worst case scenario, we may be accused of unintentional fencing, for which up to 5 years imprisonment! Finally, we need to mention the risk of buying a used device purchased and repaid by the original owner in the network . Some operators (here, primarily referred to as Plus) block remote devices for which installments are not paid. This means that if the first buyer fails to fulfill his obligations, the person using the smartphone or tablet taken in the contract also loses. After purchase, it is very difficult to deal with this problem, but before purchasing the device, you can check them in the Plus database. To do this, simply enter the IMEI number at this address .

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