Yesterday evening, Apple released an update of iOS 11.2.1. This is another update in the last weeks. It was not so long ago.

iOS 11.2.1 is a direct update of iOS 11.2, which officially appeared just a few days ago. As this is a minor upgrade, we will not experience any new features here. The update weighs just over 50 MB and fixes one major bug in HomeKit libraries. It could prevent access to common users of the Dom application. As if that was not enough, beta testing of iOS version 11.2.5 has already appeared . For now, it is not known what was changed in the next edition. Nevertheless, we can be almost 100% sure that the next update will focus on bug fixes and system optimization on iPhones and iPads. Actually from the beginning, i.e. the final version of iOS 11, Apple has been making patches available every second or every second week. On the one hand, he can enjoy it. The company cares about the safety of users and keeps the vulnerability detected on the current patch or corrects errors. On the other hand, looking at the history of iOS and Apple , what is currently happening is a bit of a phenomenon . I do not recall ever getting so many updates in such a short time after the release of the supposedly stable and final version of iOS. Let us hope that this is a one-off moment, not a downward trend in the quality of solutions created by the concern. Source: Apple