In the network you can find photos of the new flagship ZTE Nubia. The narrow bezel around the screen, the notch on the top of the display and the dual camera are the hallmarks of the 2018 flagship. What will Nubia offer in its flagship?

Nubia's unknown smartphone has been added to the network. The characters characteristic of this ZTE series are clearly visible – red accents and a uniform black monolith housing with very thin frames around the screen. At the top there was not a screen cutout, so far seen only in the iPhone X and Essential Phone. What will the new Nubia flagship offer you? Slashleaks is a source famous for the fairly good accuracy of its pre-release information. Today on the Twitter profile they have published photos of the phone, which may be the flagship of ZTE for 2018. What's interesting to Nubia? Let's start with the front of the device. At first glance, you can see that it's a flagship – for such a thin frame in medium we will have to wait a bit longer, as shown, for example, the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy A (2018). Almost the entire surface is filled with a screen, and the bottom frame is one of the thinner I've seen so far in smartphones. At the top there is a notch on the front camera, but it is small enough to fit into the notification bar. Until then, we do not know anything about the size of the screen, but probably it will not be less than 6 inches. 2018 is not promising to be a fan of compact smartphones. At the back is classically, not to say boring. This is not even an accusation – the manufacturer just got used to red inserts, a double screen and a round fingerprint reader. The whole looks very good, and to my eye the camera does not protrude from the body , which is very desirable – even if it goes after increasing the thickness of the whole equipment. We will have to wait for further information, but the pre-Christmas period is a good time to buy a new phone. If you are looking for it now, then look at my TOP-10 best smartphones from GearBest. You will find there the most interesting smartphones from the Middle Kingdom, which in my opinion are worth your money. Source: Slashleaks