Yesterday, there was an unusual attack on the Play network operator's store in Warsaw. The thief stole smartphones that turned out to be … dummy.

Day like everyday? For one of the salons of the Play network operator in Warsaw, the first Tuesday of December this year turned out to be slightly different. It turns out that there was a robbery on the shop, located at Jana Pawła II Street. The masked man was about to break into the Play salon … with scissors in his hand and shout "This is a robbery!". Gazeta Wyborcza reports on the case. We learn that the man managed to cut off three smartphones from the exhibition with these scissors and escaped, losing his tool. It also turns out that the target was the three latest iPhones that were on display. The thief, however, did not steal real models, only their dummies. The aforementioned man fled before the police arrived and he has not been caught so far. Source: Gazeta Wyborcza