Google has launched the official distribution of the new version of Android marked 8.1 Oreo. With the upgrade, the company from Mountain View introduces new products to its mobile system. See what.

Android 8.1 finally landed . Of course, there is nothing to be happy about, because the owners of devices from the Nexus and Pixel series will be able to use this software the fastest. Other users (including myself) probably will not see this version of the system yet for the next few, if not several months. However, it is worth mentioning the changes brought by another edition of the robot in the Oreo version. Some of them are really useful, and some are just patches and patches for errors from the previous build.

Android 8.1 Oreo – what's new?

  • Neural Networks API: technology allows applications to run faster and reduce delays in data processing. Thanks to this, the smartphone processor is to be less busy.
  • Pixel Visual Core: Pixel series smartphones have a specially designed chip that can be used to create HDR + images.
  • Safer browsing: this feature allows applications to let us know that a page or place on the web can be dangerous.
  • Bluetooth battery indicator: a small but useful change for people using Bluetooth accessories. From now on you will know how many connected equipment will work on the battery.
  • Improved autocompletion
  • Optimizations related to the fingerprint reader. In the settings there is also a new option that will allow you to permanently block anyone who tries to unlock our smartphone.
  • Improving problems with sound distortion on some smartphones
  • Emoji fixes, such as hamburger or beer mug (very important change;)).

As you can see, the amendments are not much, but some changes are really important . There is nothing else to do but wait for the producers to deal with the implementation of this version of the software on their equipment. In most cases you will need a really good dose of patience … Source: Google