Motorola Moto G5S Plus relative to the regular version has a more powerful processor, dual camera and a larger screen. Is this a good smartphone for 1,300 zlotys? This you will learn by reading my Moto G5S Plus review.

A few days ago in the pages of gsmManiaKa you could read my review of the smaller Moto G5S. Today is the time to summarize the tests and evaluate the larger and more efficient phone from this line. Is it worth buying a Moto G5S Plus? Is this a smartphone worth the money? Will it be a better choice than the classic G5S model?

The quality of the premium class

The front of the device is reminiscent of a smaller brother. If you have already read my Moto G5S test, you know that this is by no means a complaint, although in the smartphones category for about 1,300 PLN you can easily meet those in which the development of space is at a slightly higher level. The frames are relatively thick, and in addition, the designers placed a very aesthetic black border around the display. Some may not notice it, but it annoyed me.


Moto G5S Plus / fot.

Under the screen there was a place for a well-functioning fingerprint scanner – there were rare situations in which I had to re-authorize. The only thing I will stick with is the color version – I would describe it as rose gold and I do not like it altogether – the dark gray Moto G5S I liked more. So Moto G5S Plus falls out of the competition in terms of dimensions: The overweight phone resembles Moto G5S. The camera lens is large and protrudes well above the case – although this time it is double. Underneath there is a niche with the manufacturer's logo, in which a finger usually falls, for example when conducting a conversation. Nothing, but it all makes you feel like a well-thought-out device . Again, I attach only to the charging connector used – unfortunately, it is not USB-C.

Moto G5S Plus / fot.

Good battery life

The phone has been equipped with a 3000 mAh cell, exactly the same as in the smaller version. Interestingly, however, despite the larger screen Moto G5S Plus on a single charge holds longer, which is due to the well-optimized processor Snapdragon 625. Normally using the phone plugged it to the socket about once every two and a half days . It's definitely a good result. The results of synthetic tests stand in opposition to practical observations – see for yourself: [wptab style = "4" title = "Normal use"] [test slug = "battery" order = "desc" selected = "22464" virtual = "pcmark- work "type =" single "product_id =" 22464,22444,22192,22140,22062,22260,22462,22470 "] [/ wptab] [wptab style =" 4 "title =" Games "] [test slug =" battery "order =" desc "selected =" 22464 "virtual =" battery-manhattan-3 "type =" single "product_id =" 22464,22444,22192,22140,22062,22260,22462,22470 "] [/ wptab] [ wptab style = "4" title = "Loading time"] [test slug = "battery" virtual = "loading-ac" order = "asc" selected = "22464" type = "single" product_id = "22464,22444,22192 , 22140,22062,22260,22462,22470 "] [/ wptab] [wptab_end] According to them, the smartphone performs worse than for example Xiaomi Mi A1 or Lenovo K6 Note. I could not determine why the equipment looks so poor in benchmarks, but the real working time away from the socket is more than satisfactory.

The screen could be better

The screen is 5.5 inches and the image is presented in Full HD. This translates into quite a reasonable pixel density, so there can not be any ragged fonts. I also assess the reaction to touch very positively – I have never had a situation in which the system misinterprets the command. The coverage of the sRGB scale is somewhat worse – it is 81.1% , which means that I can not call the colors credibly reproduced. The situation is somewhat saved by the bright mode, but when it is turned on, the colors look a bit artificial – this treatment definitely does not make the Moto G5S Plus screen look AMOLED. The panel also has a tendency to whiteness, but every day it will probably be noticed by an attentive user – this is clearly visible primarily in synthetic tests. [wptab style = "4" title = "Maximum brightness"] [test slug = "screen-battery" virtual = "TEST_JASE_PASS" order = "desc" selected = "22464" type = "single" product_id = "22464,22444, 22192,22140,22062,22260,22462,22470 "] [/ wptab] [wptab style =" 4 "title =" Minimum brightness "] [test slug =" screen-battery "virtual =" TEST_JASNOSC_AKU_MIN "order =" asc " selected = "22464" type = "single" product_id = "22464,22444,22192,22140,22062,22260,22462,22470"] [/ wptab] [wptab_end]

Fot. gsmManiaK

Moto G5S Plus/ fot. gsmManiaK

Like the smaller Moto G5S, no the minimum brightness is best. Of course, it is not, but despite the Motorola Moto G5S Plus, I can not recommend night readers to fans. The maximum brightness is so high that it allows comfortable use of the phone even in strong sun. The display was covered with the third generation Gorilla glass. During testing, the coating fell well, and the front panel did not catch any scratches.

A great camera – for a medium

Let's start with the technical specification. The camera is double . The main lens has f / 2.0 light and the matrix resolution is 13 megapixels. The same applies to the additional camera. In both cases, the producer decided only on EIS, so we can forget about the optical stabilization of the image. What is the double camera for? In fact, it's good for nothing – it does not offer optical zoom, sophisticated monochrome modes or a wide angle. Its presence only allows you to blur the background, but it falls out really badly. The lines of cutting the blurred background from the object do not match the very shape of the person or object that we are photographing. If you want to buy Moto G5S Plus due to the artistic bokeh effect, I strongly advise against this. How does the camera perform in terms of quality? When the light is good, the photos are really great . The colors are vivid and you can not see the noise. I'm not a specialist in photography, but looking at photos in high magnification, I would rate them as better than the ones I made my Huawei P10 in exactly the same conditions. And that really shows the camera in the Moto G5S Plus.

moto6 moto13 When the lights are less the situation obviously deteriorates. Here, a very clear lens makes itself felt. The number of recorded details falls, and noise is clearly visible in the pictures. In my opinion, however, as for this price shelf is still at least not bad . I also have no objection to the operation of the autofocus – in most cases it worked quickly and accurately. Generally, I consider the camera to be one of the best, if not the best for the price. When it comes to video recording, Moto G5S Plus works better than a smaller brother . Autofocus problems have disappeared, which are much better at smaller distances. Films made with the Motorola smartphone have nicer colors and definitely more details. You can see it in the video below: The Matrix for self-portraits and video calls has 8 megapixels and will satisfy the majority of selfie fans . The lens has a brightness of f / 2.0. Photographs made with it can be easily uploaded into social networks. The condition is that the lighting conditions are good, because the less light, the more noise is obvious. Front camera, what is worth mentioning also has a flash.

Performance does not disappoint

Snapdragon 625 not only manages energy well, but it is also an efficient unit that is enough in everyday work . That's why I like him. Not once did I meet with a situation where the smartphone would have to wait for something. Games, switching between applications, and all this with the background programs being updated, did not impress him. The only thing I can find fault with is heating the case . The smartphone is metal, so it was predictable, but still feel the effect on the hands – but it is not temperature, which prevents comfortable use. [wptab style = "4" title = "PC Mark"] [test slug = "pcmark-android" order = "desc" selected = "22464" virtual = "pcmark-android-work" type = "single" product_id = " 22464,22444,22192,22140,22062,22260,22462,22470 "] [/ wptab] [wptab style =" 4 "title =" AnTuTu "] [test slug =" android-antutu-6 "order =" desc " selected = "22464" virtual = "antutu-total-6" type = "single" product_id = "22464,22444,22192,22140,22062,22260,22462,22470"] [/ wptab] [wptab style = "4" title = "3DMark"] [test slug = "3dmark" order = "desc" selected = "22464" virtual = "3dmark-ice-storm-extreme-total" type = "single" product_id = "22464,22444,22140, 22062,22260,22462,22470 "] [/ wptab] [wptab style =" 4 "title =" T-Rex "] [test slug =" gfxbench-fps "order =" desc "selected =" 22464 "type =" single "virtual =" t-rex-3-onscreen "product_id =" 22464,22444,22192,22140,22062,22260,22462 "] [/ wptab] [wptab style =" 4 "title =" Manhattan "] [test slug = "gfxbench-fps" order = "desc" selected = "22464" type = "single" virtual = "manhattan-3-onscreen" product_id = "22464,22444,22192,22140,22062,22260,22462,22470" ] [/ wp tab] [wptab_end] How is the Motorola Moto G5S Plus falling out of the competition in terms of performance? Well, it's a bit better than in Xiaomi Mi A1, which I treat in the surprise category, because that smartphone has more RAM and is completely devoid of the system manufacturer additions. All this is a very positive sign of software optimization – a big plus for Motorola. The smartphone works under the control of almost pure Android 7.1.1 Nougat . Motorola limited herself to adding a few useful gestures, of which my favorite are double-rotating in the hand to switch the camera from the rear to the front and shake that turns on the flashlight. On the locked screen there is a clock that lights up when the device is in the hand – I would also like this function to work also when we simply waved the hand over the lying smartphone. Notifications are displayed below it. After pressing the message icon on the locked screen, more information will be displayed. A nice and quite useful function.

The range is not ideal, but what audio quality …

The smartphone came to me in the version for one SIM card. Again, as with the smaller model, I noticed that the range and quality of conversations are not perfect . If I was in a place where the range was worse, the interlocutors complained about the reverberation in the receiver. I have heard them well, so I have no objections to the quality of the loudspeaker. 32 GB was allocated to user files, which translates into 24 GB of available space – we can extend it using microSD cards. There was also a possibility of connecting a pendrive, and therefore OTG support. We do not carry headphones in the box, but after connecting your headset, it turns out that the quality of the music is really good . This is certainly not the best music device on the market, but in my opinion it definitely stands out as a plus. The quality of the GPS signal is good , and the smartphone correctly dealt with catching the signal and locating the device.

Summary and evaluation

The Motorola G5S Plus costs about 1300 zlotys . For this amount, you get a large screen with good resolution, a great camera and a very good working time away from the socket. When it comes to competition at this price, I am only thinking about the Xiaomi Mi A1 already tested on gsmManiaKu.

The advantages of Motorola Moto G5S Plus

The biggest advantage of the tested model is definitely the camera. During the day he can take pictures that are easily confused with those made by flagships. At night it is a bit worse, but here I have a lot of good things to say about Moto G5S Plus. The battery is enough for the 2.5th day of work. The quality of workmanship looks very good too – there is no creaking. In addition, you should praise the very good fluidity of operation, which is due to good optimization, a good processor and a clean system.

Motorola's Moto G5S Plus disadvantages

In this price category, the Moto G5S Plus disappoints slightly with the quality of the screen. For 1300 PLN you will find Samsung models with AMOLED screens, for which the tested Motorola is not a competition. The quality of conversations is not the best, and in less urbanized places the reach can disappear. The smartphone sometimes likes to get warm, but this is not a phenomenon that occurs very often.

Motorola Moto G5S or Moto G5S Plus?

Let's first answer the question, is it worth buying a Moto G5S Plus Motorola at all ? In my opinion, yes. If I now had to spend PLN 1,300, I would probably choose this model. In the aforementioned price category, it seems to be the most sensible choice, although I would wonder if it is worth adding two hundred zlotys to the Huawei Mate 10 Lite, which also made a great impression on me.

Fot. gsmManiaK

Moto G5S i Moto G5S Plus/ fot. gsmManiaK

Now let's get to compare the two models I've been testing. Is it worth paying extra PLN 300 to the model with a plus in the name, or maybe Moto G5S for around PLN 900 is a better choice? In my opinion, there is nothing to ponder. A more powerful processor, better battery life and a much better camera make the larger phone a much more cost-effective option. If you have less than PLN 1,500 to spend, choose Moto G5S Plus . You will not be disappointed. For fans of pure Android the alternative is Xiaomi Mi A1 – the specification is very similar, but by an extra gigabyte of RAM is a more forward-looking choice.

Moto G5S Plus or Moto X4?

If you really want to bet on a smartphone from Motorola, you have to choose from yet tested on gsmManiaKu Moto X4. A slightly more powerful processor and even better camera make this model an attractive option, especially since recently it has had a price cut. Nevertheless, still costs 1600 PLN , so it is much more expensive than Moto G5S Plus . Is it worth paying extra for waterproofness and better performance? In my opinion, no, that's why I give Moto G5S Plus a mummy "Good Buy" award. [Show_rating]