Google has finally fixed a major bug that has bothered users using the YouTube app on iOS. Download the update.

At the beginning of this month, the official YouTube app for smartphones and tablets running iOS was hijacked by users. The reason for negative comments and reviews was a mistake in the program that led to the device's rapid battery drain . Some reported that the application caused even more noticeable warming up of devices when watching movies than it had so far. The developers themselves have acknowledged that the above information is correct and that bug fixes are already being worked on by application developers. Moreover, even if the application was turned on for a while, while staying in the background, all the time it took energy from the battery. Each time, it was necessary to throw it out of the list of previously opened programs. I experienced a similar story after my smartphone discharged me in a few hours, and most of the energy was consumed by the YouTube application , running in the background. The problem is that I use it rarely, and the whole thing took place at the end of September. It seems to me that the problem has existed for many weeks. After a long wait, the bug was finally fixed. Today, the App Store has a version numbered 12.45 , which once and for all dealt with the above described nuisance. It is therefore worth downloading it manually if we have disabled automatic software updates. Source: App Store