If you often listen to music on your computer or smartphone or tablet, then I have very good news for you. Spotify once again launched a promotion, where you can use the premium subscription practically for pennies!

Spotify launches promotions from time to time, usually with a Premium subscription for about three months. This is not the case this time. The creators have announced that you will now be able to listen to music without commercials and in higher quality for three months, for only 99 cents . In my opinion, it really does not benefit sin, especially considering the regular price of the subscription, which is almost 20 zlotys per month. Advertising and worse music quality is not a problem for many people, but in my opinion it is worth tempting, even if without a premium account, the Spotify application for mobile devices is simply useless – listening to music in the way that the creators are simply a joke Always when I forget to pay the next month, I am frustrated when I have to use the free version. https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/774176/deezer-premium-promocja/ The Spotify promotional offer ends December 31st , so you have plenty of time to spend. Remember one hook. This offer is only valid for those who have not previously used the Premium Package – in any form. Yes, it disqualifies quite a lot of accounts, but surely there will be among you who will benefit from it. So listen and let your friends know – this opportunity will not happen again in the near future. More about promotions, here .