Recent reports indicate that Apple is working with Taiwanese TSMC. The aim of the activities is to eliminate problems with microLED displays, which will eventually replace the OLED panels.

Apple has just released its first smartphone with OLED display, and the company is already working on a new (display) that will successfully replace it. Unofficial reports indicate that technology never stands still . Apple is currently working with Taiwanese TSMC to create a microLED display. What is the difference? The most important thing in this case should be that microLED has most of the benefits of OLEDs (better color, contrast, response time). At the same time, such displays are thinner, much brighter and more energy efficient than OLEDs. They also have a longer life span. News DigiTimies are not very optimistic, however. This year, she was to launch a test production of new displays. Did it happen – it is unknown. In any case, due to problems, Apple was expected to reduce the number of people in the Taiwanese R & D team responsible for the development of microLED. However, there are opposing views that the reason for the abovementioned situation is the completion of research on technology. About microLED technology we've heard a long time ago. This type of display was to appear first in the Apple Watch. Perhaps it will happen in the case of its next generation, which will appear in 2018. Certainly microLED displays will not come to the iPhone sooner than in a few years. Source: DigiTimes