Google removed the UC browser from its app store, which has so far been downloaded more than 500 million times. It is said that the reason for this decision is that the application sends a large amount of data to Chinese servers.

Alibaba's browser, UC Browser, is extremely popular – more than 500 million times downloaded from Google Play. Today has become an unexpected thing – the app has disappeared from the Google store , so the link to is nowhere to go. Why did this happen? Officially, we do not know why Google has removed UC Browser, as none of the companies has yet commented on this. Unofficially, it is said that this is a punishment for spying on users . Americans have been signaling that the application sends huge amounts of data to Chinese servers. Alibaba's browser war broke out. Government of India. Interestingly, other UC Browser programs (such as the Lite version) are still available in the Google store. Perhaps Americans want to give the browser a "nosebleed" to motivate them to limit the amount of information they download. Remember, these are not official information, so we'll have to wait for further clarification. Are you using UC Browser? Source: Reddit