A few days ago, there might have been a takeover that would have completely altered the direction in which the mobile industry would grow. But it looks like nothing of it. And it could have been interesting.

I do not have to remind you that Qualcomm is one of the largest, if not the largest, mobile manufacturers in the world. It turns out that the American brand wanted to take over another company – Broadcom. Qualcomm has proposed $ 130 billion in acquisitions . As it turns out, not enough is enough for both brands to join forces to create unity. If Qualcomm would agree to take over Broadcom, we would have a brand that would have a monopoly and would definitely dominate the "wireless" segment. In an official statement, Paul Jacobs of Qualcomm said that $ 130 billion was an amount that significantly underestimated his company . There is nothing left for me to smile about, because such a amount of cash is an abstract and unimaginable thing for me. Qualcomm also claims that by rejecting Broadcom's offer, it is well on its way to becoming more dominant in the mobile market and in the manufacturing of LTE 4G and 5G network modems. In addition, recently, Americans have also been involved in the Internet of Things, but this is a niche issue in the context of smartphones and tablets. https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/771620/xiaomi-oppo-vivo-qualcomm/ The Americans have issued three press releases regarding Qualcomm's takeover and in each of them on the pedestal stands the word "value." As you can see, the manufacturer is very appreciative and knows his position . I would like to see how the development of the processors and other Qualcomm products would have been possible if the brand had agreed to the above-mentioned transaction anyway. Source: Qualcomm