It seems that among smartphone manufacturers began to race to create a folding phone. Another company joined the game.

According to the latest news, the ZTE smartphone release by Axon M has heated up manufacturers to speed up the development of the smartphone. And while the Axon M is actually a folding phone with two screens, it looks as if it's a two-piece , so there are thick frames in the middle. This year we've heard that not only Samsung, but also Huawei, has been focusing on smartphones. In two years, even the iPhone can have a flexible display. It is designed by LG Display. It is not known at this time whether LG is also interested in preparing this type of smartphone, although sooner or later it will happen. According to the latest news, work on creating an ergonomic solution in this field that would delight consumers also started Oppo . The Chinese company has recently filed a patent for a smartphone with a small display at the top of the device. I think, however, that Ace in the sleeve can boast only Samsung and LG. Both companies have their own production facilities with displays and have been working for a long time on their flexible variants. I am glad that in this topic, however, something has started to happen. By 2020 we will be sure to see new solutions that will emerge on the market. Source: Digitimes , Android Authority