Although the persistent bug in iOS 11 has already been repaired by Apple, it has nevertheless been used to stroll the company during one of America's football matches.

Ohio State Buckeyes is a football team that played against Michigan State at the stadium in US Ohio. There were 105,000 fans who not only watched the game, but also witnessed the unusual trolling of Apple. During the match, the fans had to raise special cards, so that the OHIO sign would be visible from afar. Such things happen very often. However, the letter "I" has been changed to "A [?]" . As we well remember – this situation has until recently a place on the iOS 11.1. Some users have reported the experience of this persistent bug, which was finally fixed at the end of last week in iOS 11.1.1 update. It seems, however, that some people mistake this so irritating that they did not refrain from using it for trolling Apple at a huge stadium. All jokes can be viewed on the video below . In the first place we see it at normal speed, and the second time in the slowdown. However, we have to admit that although we talk about only one moment, however, he came out very good. Source: Watch Game