Sega officially presented the latest version of the best football game on Android. Football Manager 2018 hit the Play Store – what can we expect after this release?

Football Manager for personal computers is definitely the best simulator that allows you to play the role of football coach. For a few years now, Sega has been successively releasing this title on Android devices, and I must say that production has been good for some time now. The 2018 version brings more improvements, add-ons and a lot of changes to the predecessor. What can we count on? YouTube Preview Image First of all for two additional league leagues: American MLS and Korean K League – that means 21,500 new players. Also, in Football Manager 2018 you will find a refreshed graphical interface, as well as optimizations for both smartphones and tablets – in the end! The developers promise that the new version provides even more possibilities for managing the club and team, as well as more sophisticated scouting, reporting and news. If you play FM on computers, you will also find the "All-Time Best 11" feature in the mobile version . Unfortunately everything is cool and beautiful, but there is one small flaw. Football Manager 2018 was priced at just over $ 40 in the Play Store, which would probably be a bargain for many. I have not decided yet, but I will probably like this version as well – like every year. I believe that Sega's proposal is so refined that it returns every zloty spent with a bonus. Of course, in the form of many hours, pleasant gameplay. Football Manager 2018 will download from here . YouTube Preview Image