The problem of clogging of memory on Android is accompanied by it from the beginning. Currently, the amount of built-in memory has increased significantly, but Google has decided to do something about it. See how Google will solve the problem of lack of memory for Android 8.1 Oreo applications.

If you still remember the times when smartphones had 4 GB of built-in memory, of which the files were up to 2.5, you probably know what acrobatics required to install new applications. Now this problem has gone a little to oblivion, because the built-in memory even in the cheapest device is 8 GB, and even this value is very rare. However, if you make a lot of pictures and your smartphone does not have the ability to expand memory, then in Android 8.1 this problem will be resolved. At least partially. Google is becoming more and more used and more thoughtful. Some time ago, the network found that Android native file manager. The fact is, most manufacturers have offered this application on their own, but it's a good thing that it functions as a clean system. Today, we learned that with the interesting solution Android will be better managed applications, so that memory will be a bit slower clogged. What is the novelty in management? Even if you are a power-user who keeps 300 apps installed on your smartphone, then there are always those that we use only from the case. In the current version of the system rarely launched programs are still the same as those that we include daily gather data. This leads to an increase in their volume, and as a result, the place in the device dies in the eyes. Android 8.1 Oreo will feature a feature that will limit this process. Apps marked as inactive will not collect cache files . The process will be automatic, no user intervention will be necessary. The application will be considered inactive if it does not appear as running in the background. Of course, the biggest disadvantage of this solution is the mediocre availability of the new version of smartphone software. And that's the biggest problem with Google. Source: gsmarena