Couphone is a new name that has been reserved by Samsung in the European Union. What does the Korean giant hide?

Samsung has filed documents to hold the name of the "Couphone" in the European Union. We do not know much about paper except that it is a product. The fact that Couphone is classified in the category of smart devices and related products is a curious fact that is sure to spark the imagination. At this point we have no idea what Couphone may be. The first thought is to draw attention to the combination of the two words "coupon" (coupon) and "phone" (telephone). So is there a special smartphone for coupons? We can only be. Interestingly however, the name Couphone was previously used by one of the developers of the application on Windows Phone, which allows you to save your own coupons. This has made it difficult for the user to store coupons or vouchers with him. After some time, however, it ceased to be developed.

fot. EUIPO

fot. EUIPO, SamMobile

Another possibility suggests that the prefix "cou" comes from French and means "neck". Going through this thinking – maybe this is a new dress that will be hanged around the neck but will get cellular or other smartphone functionality. The FrontRow camera is also similarly mounted, which is also mounted on the neck, although it resembles a more stopwatch. Source: SamMobile , Neowin , EUIPO