About the Samsung Galaxy X we hear once in a while new mentions. Now we can see how the interface of this device can look like with a new patent.

Samsung Galaxy X will be Samsung's first smartphone to receive a folding screen. Rumors about it have been rolling around the net for several years now. Establishing the right technology, equipment and software for this device is probably not a simple task. It seems, however, that from year to year we are approaching its premiere. https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/728948/samsung-galaxy-x-nowe-informacje-certyfikaty/ If you believe in recent rumors, even next year Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could get a folded screen. We will wait for their verification, although it is worthwhile to follow the news about these novelties from Samsung camp. The flexible screen will need to have software that can handle it. How will it look to betray the latest patent? Well, even if it does not, then anyway, it indicates the likely direction in which Samsung will follow. The manufacturer has received a patent for a device in the South of Korea that includes multiple displays and controls. There are graphics presenting the operation of devices with two screens in the horizontal, vertical or screen sharing mode. Here are some examples. Much more graphics are in the same patent (source) to which I refer if you are interested in these solutions. Source: KIPRIS